Who else is in love with the feeling of being on a plane? I love the feeling of being no where at all. Floating through the air, watching the land and mountains pass by from above. The excitement of the destination, whether it is a new place or coming back home.

It only makes sense to make my first blog post about my 2019 travel bucket list when I’m launching my travel blog at the beginning of 2019! So what am I planning to do this year?

  1. Go to Las Vegas for my 25th (QUARTER LIFE CRISIS!) birthday
    1. Despite already having been to Las Vegas an upwards of 8-10 times whilst living in California, I feel it is a fitting destination as I face the reality that I’m ACTUALLY 25. I still feel like I’m an angsty 18 year old struggling to find her way in life.
  2. Visit family in Alberta
    1. I went to Alberta a lot when I was younger, but I haven’t been in a good 8-10 years! I’m hoping to make it out to Lake Louise to see the gorgeous lake and mountains in the winter.
  3. Go to Prague to play in a Deloitte-wide soccer tournament
  4. Jet off to 1 or 2 countries in Northern Europe pre or post soccer tournament
    1. Hoping to work remotely in a combination of Norway, Sweden, and/or Finland for a week.
  5. Head to Germany for a good friend’s wedding
  6. Touch down in Algeria (or another African country) pre or post wedding
  7. Plan a backpacking adventure for Christmas and New Years
    1. Two years ago I was in Nicaragua for new years. Last year, I was in Japan. I’m thinking it’s about time that I travel through Southeast Asia.
  8. Take a spontaneous train ride somewhere for a weekend getaway.
    1. Boston, Chicago, Montreal – the options are endless here.

Between all these exciting adventures, I plan on perfecting my content style for both my Instagram and my online blog. I want to publish blog posts much more frequently with rich content that will keep my followers engaged. Have any suggestions on places I should visit in the locations on my 2019 bucket list? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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